Start in September:

Students are asked to arrange accommodation before arrival in Cologne (see FURTHER INFORMATION for more info). They should arrive within first days of September. Students stay in contact with the IGSDHD office for assistance and advise. Only in exceptional cases we arrange a pick up.

During the first week of stay (so called "orientation week") all necessary formalities are arranged, like: registration at the University of Cologne, registration at the city hall, health insurance, bank account etc.  therefore it is necessary to prepare the following before arrival:

  • originals and certified copies of your certificates (B.Sc., M.Sc. etc.) 
  • translations of certificates if not in German or English
  • CV
  • few copies of your passport
  • biometric passport photos 
  • a copy of your Diploma or Master's thesis no matter in which language it is written
  • an English or German summary of your Diploma or Master's thesis - certified
  • a certificate stating your health insurance: EU-insurance (European card) or travel insurance for the first month of stay