Forms to download

Application form for admission to studies for foreign applicants - the form has to be filled and  signed and submitted to the International Office together with the following additional documents:

     =>originals or certified copies of your certificates (B.Sc./ M.Sc. etc.) translations if not in English or German

     => certified transcript of records and translations if not English or German

     => passport photo

     => a copy of CV

     => a copy of the passport (page with personal detail and the page with visa if applicable)

     => health insurance confirmation

     => a fellowship confirmation from the IGS DHD 

Mitteilung der Promotionsabsicht (notification of intent to do a doctorate, available at: please fill out 2 copies and submit to the IGSDHD office after the rotation period. The form has to be signed by your PhD supervisor. 

Thesis committee meeting protocol- print a copy and have one during each meetings with your thesis committee members, i.e. at least three:

  1. project proposal presentation - within 3 months after beginning of your doctoral work
  2. first year report - one year after beginning of your doctoral work 
  3. second year report - two years after beginning of your doctoral work

Rotation report - suggested format and content of a rotation report. It is necessary that the report is read and signed by a rotation supervisor before its submission to the Graduate School office. Usually, students have 7-10 days after a rotation report presentation to submit a copy to the office. 

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How to write a scientific report - guidelines

Scientific reports

Scientific paper


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