Selection process

The selection process goes in few steps involving:

  1. Shortlisting for a video interview
  2. Video interview
  3. Selection workshop in Cologne


Candidates' applications are verified by the representatives of the IGSDHD faculty. During this process candidate's references are acquired by contacting the referees named in the application form. The overall note is given for each candidate which consist of points given for: references, academic records, additional academic activities, studies abroad, awards and distinctions, publications, participation in extracurricular academic activities like summer schools, summer lab courses, internships etc., participation in conferences and meetings. Any not obligatory science related activities during the whole course of studies are highly valued. Applicants must present certificates of participation.

Video interview

Candidates shortlisted for an video interview will be notified via email, where the exact time and date will be suggested. Once the date is fixed it cannot be moved. In the same mail it will be agreed on the internet accessible free download software both applicant and IGSDHD interviewers will use. All technical data will be agreed between IGSDHD office and an applicant via email. To save time and accelerate the procedure we advise the candidates to check their email accounts few times a day. Not replying our emails within 24 hours may result in severe delays, which might in turn result in breaking the procedure of candidate's selection.

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Selection workshop

Candidates who successfully went through the video interview phase are invited for a selection workshop to Cologne. The workshop takes 2 or 3 days, depending on the number of candidates and consists of two parts:

1. Presentations of current or recent research projects.

All candidates have to prepare a 7-minute presentation in PowerPoint or any other commonly used program.

It is not required to email the presentation to us in advance. We will download your presentations on the day of the selection workshop on our computer (Windows!) and delete it on the second day of the workshop.

The topic of the presentation should be the most recent research project a candidate was involved in. During the presentation a candidate should be able to:

  • introduce the topic
  • clearly state the aim of the project
  • present his or her own involvement into the project: do not show data and results obtained by other members of the research group unless it is absolutely necessary to explain the topic, and with clear distinction as foreign data and source citation where applicable
  • conclude the presentation with respect to the stated aim
  • answer questions from the public (other candidates, IGSDHD students and faculty members)

2. Individual interview

Candidates are interviewed by a committee of 3 IGSDHD faculty members. None of them belongs to the candidate's priorities stated in the application form.

Before arrival in Cologne, candidates receive two recent scientific publications. They choose one to study it. In most of the cases questions related to the paper open the interview. It is important to be able to discuss background and aim of the paper, methodology, open questions, outlook, critically approach the discussion part of the paper.

At the end of the workshop we invite all the candidates for a social dinner. It is another opportunity to talk to PIs, but this time in more relaxed atmosphere.

Further information about the selection workshop you will find in FAQs

Usually, results are announced within 3-4 days after the workshop

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Selection workshop 2013

The selection workshop 2013 will take place on June 25th and 26th in the EG lecture hall, Zülpicher Str. 47a, D-50764 Cologne. All invited candidates will receive further info via email.