The Graduate School

The University of Cologne has a long-standing tradition and world-wide reputation as a hot spot of top-level molecular biological research. Beginning in the winter semester 2009/2010 the Research School in Biology „From embryo to old age: the cell biology and genetics of health and disease“ has been offering a high-level PhD program for students with excellent qualifications. As one of 17 Research Schools initiated by the land of North Rhine Westphalia it offers excellent research opportunities.

The participating research groups use most of today's microbial, plant and animal model systems to investigate cell biological and genetic mechanisms whose perturbation during the life cycle of an organism results in disease. Intensive cooperations across traditional departmental and discipline borders and the commitment to excellence in all aspects of genetical research provide optimal conditions for the individual PhD student.


The PhD program

The three-year PhD program in English reflects the increasing importance of interdisciplinarity in research and provides comprehensive training for scientific, methodological and "soft" skills. Each student is individually guided by his/her thesis committee allowing the completion of a demanding research project in the shortest possible time. Detailed information is available under Program.

The program starts annually in September. A maximum of 20 students is accepted per year, and up to ten 10 fellowships are available. For more information about fellowships, candidate profile and the application process, please go to How to apply. Comprehensive administrative support for new students helps to effectively manage the transition to Cologne and to quickly integrate into scientific and social environment (see Further information).