Life in Cologne

Cologne is located in the westernmost part of Germany. The nearest airports are Cologne/Bonn (20 min by train) and Duesseldorf (30-45 min by train), and Frankfurt/Main (1 hour by high speed train). Cologne serves as a major hub in the European rail network, many high speed train connections to all major cities in Europe depart from the central station. For initial orientation, please refer to the city map of Cologne. To get around in the city, it is advisable to use the public transportation system KVB/VRS

Cologne not only provides excellent research opportunities. Being one of the oldest cities in central Europe and the fourht-largest city in Germany, it also boasts of cultural attractions. The gothic Cathedral is probably Cologne's most famous building, but the city is also renowned for its numerous romanesque churches. In the past two decades, Cologne has gained world-wide recognition as center of modern art and modern music, with its two Symphony Orchestras, more than 20 museums (one of them presenting the world's largest Picasso collection), many theatres, hundreds of private galleries and clubs, pubs etc.

Popular culture is equally well represented.  From here broadcast main private TV stations RTL and Pro7, as well as radio station WDR.

Very popular cultural events like Lange Museum Nacht(Long Night of Museums) or 24h literature marathon ( are organized yearly.

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The Graduate School is an institution of the University of Cologne which is located close to the center of the city (map of the university) and surrounded by parks. The main office of the IGSDHD is located in the Institute for Genetics, which is a part of the newly built Biocenter.

The university's campus is located in a central district Neustadt. The main building, institutes, diverse faculties, university's canteen and sport gyms are within walking distance from each other. Parks and green fields surrounding the university buildings, like Volksgarten and Aachener Weiher offer a great place for "after working" relax. During the sunny days they are occupied by numerous students and people living in the neighbourhood giving a lively mix of people playing, reading and sunbathing, kids, dogs and bicycles.

IGSDHD office publication 2011

"The guide for international researchers coming to Germany" - brochure.

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