Getting a PhD in a structured and guided manner

The International Graduate School in Development Health and Disease offers up to ten studentships per year.

The tax-free fellowships (1100 EUR per month) are initially granted for the duration of the rotation period. On satisfactory performance, they are extended to a total of three years and raised to 1400 EUR per month. Additional funds are available for travel, for collaboration or scientific meetings, and for invitation of speakers at an international level to Cologne

Accepted students will receive a laptop computer and 500 EUR to get started upon their arrival in Cologne.

The program starts with a rotation period. It is followed by the research project work in the lab of choice. Students are obliged to prepare a project proposal within the 3 months of work. In this time they are supposed to find thesis committee members and discuss with them the proposal on the first meeting. The meetings repeat 2 more times: after the first and second year of work during so called "first-" and "second year report".