Laurens successfully completed his Bachelor's degree at the University of Cologne. Since September 2009 he has been a member of the IGS DHD program.
He did his rotations in the group of Carien Niessen, Björn Schumacher and Manolis Pasparakis.

Currently he is working on his thesis project in the group of prof. Pasparakis. 

The project aims to unravel the biological importance of clustered transcription factor binding sites in vivo. To this end different mouse lines, bearing specific mutations of transcription factor binding site clusters are investigated for differences in gene expression und subsequent perturbations of signalling pathways. Specifically the NF-kappaB pathway serves as a model pathway with NF-kappaB regulating the transcriptional activation of its negative regulator IkappaB alpha which bears two highly conserved kappaB site clusters in its genomic locus.