Will I get a travel expenses reimbursement? If yes - when?

As a rule we book travel tickets and a hotel for our students in advance. If you want to do it yourself, please make sure you keep all the bills, tickets and boarding passes with you. 

We will reimburse all direct travel costs, provided you choose the least expensive travel option (train/flight ticket in 2nd/economy class only). After having booked your trip to Cologne, please let us know your itineraries immediately, as we need to book the hotel rooms for you and therefore need to know your dates of arrival and departure.

Concerning the reimbursement of your costs, please click at this sheet, fill it in and send it to us. Your full bank details will be needed including international transfer codes. If you are insecure about that you may simply ask your bank about the minimum information for an international money transfer to be successfully completed.

For reimbursement, we will also need all documents on the travel costs. Therefore, please remember to keep ALL ORIGINAL TRAVEL RECEIPTS, starting from bus or tram, train tickets for your trip to the airport as well as flight documents, i.e.: boarding passes and a document containing the price of the flight (in whatever currency) and showing you as the person who has booked it; this could be an invoice or a booking confirmation on your name.

We will also reimburse your visa fees and travel costs for the trip to the embassy to get the visa, in case you provide us with the necessary receipts.

As to your return travel: flight, train and tram or bus in your home country will be reimbursed, but you'll need to send us the original receipts via mail afterwards! So please do not forget to keep those receipts as well!

The whole costs of travel will be reimbursed after the selection workshop, as soon as we collect all your travel bills and process them. It can take even one month.