How to save my application form and not loose my data?

The application form cannot be saved as a PDF file without loosing the data. To save it you have to convert it into .XML file. 

This should happen automatically. Whenever you want to save the form, you should get a communicate asking you whether you want to convert your data into .XML file and save it. Click "yes" and continue accordingly to the software's instructions. 

If you don't see this option, please UPDATE your Adobe Reader to the newest version and repeat the saving.

Be aware that sending the form by using the button: "Send via Email" requires an emailing program like MS Outlook to be open. When you click on "Send via Email" the form gets automatically converted into .XML file and attached into a new message with the recipient: 

You should add additional attachments to the same message. Please limit the number of attachments as much as possible. You should be informed that the combined size of your attachments should not exceed 10MB